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The Free Safety Folder

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The Work in Fishing Convention (ILO C188)

The UK is preparing to implement the Work in Fishing Convention. This Convention will radically change the way vessels manage their health, safety and welfare matters. The Safety Folder website will be implementing the Convention's requirements as soon as they are announced and possible to introduce. To find out more please follow the link: read more

Make managing your Fishing vessel easier with the online safety folder, it is easy to use and is now a part of the Seafish Safety Awareness course where you can get a free folder to put your printed documents into.

Easy Compliance

This website has been designed to help Fishing vessels comply with UK and European Maritime laws. To achieve this we have referenced the relevant MCA M Notices and European Directives, this makes it much easier for you to comply with the Fishing safety laws.

Monthly and Annual Reminders

Each month you will receive an email to remind you of the routine tasks which should be completed onboard. This is especially useful for the smaller vessels where you may have your folder ashore. If a piece of equipment you have added is due a service or is about to expire you will get a warning in your monthly email.