ILO C188 Work in Fishing Convention

The United Kingdom is currently developing the legislation necessary to impliment the ILO C188 Work in Fishing Convention. The current date the UK intends to impliment the necessary laws is February 2018.

The convention is the biggest change to health, safety and welfare that has ever occured in the UK Fishing sector and the SafetyFolder website is working hard to ensure that its users are able to be compliant from the first day the legilsation is applicable. We we expect that there will be incremental implimentation leading up to and following the legislation date.

Key Details

  • The Convention applies to all fishermen in the UK and all fishing vessels in UK waters.
  • All fishermen must have a "Work Agreement" regardless of whether they are employed or self employed share fishermen.
  • All vessels must have a management system for Health, Safety and Welfare.
  • The fishing vessel owner is ultimately responsible for every member of the vessels crew regardles of employemnt status.
  • All fishermen will need evidence of medical fitness.
  • All fishermen must recieve sufficient rest

Vessels over 24m

  • Crew must have an ENG1 Medical certificate
  • Vessels must have safe working procedures

Vessels fishing trips of greater than 3 days (72 hours)

  • All crews to recieve 10 hours rest every 24 hours
  • Crew must have an ENG1 Medical certificate